640 Tons – 15 Daylights​

640 Tons – 15 Daylights​

By Ambar

Detailed Description

This indicates the maximum force or load capacity of the press. In this case, it can exert a force of 640 tons (or 1,280,000 pounds). This force is used to compress materials or perform other tasks in manufacturing.


  • 640 Tons: This could refer to a quantity of weight or mass, typically measured in tons (short tons, which are equivalent to 2,000 pounds each). It could denote the weight of a load, cargo, or some other material.


  • 15 Daylights: This could refer to a duration of time or to specific openings in a structure that allow daylight to enter. Without further context, it’s unclear what specifically “15 daylights” might refer to.

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