Plywood Press Machine

Plywood Press Machine

By Ambar

Detailed Description

The Plywood Press Machine is a heavy-duty industrial equipment used in the plywood manufacturing process. It is primarily employed in the pressing stage where multiple layers of veneer sheets are bonded together under high pressure and temperature to form plywood panels.

  1. Capacity: The capacity of the press machine is measured in tons, indicating the maximum amount of force it can exert on the plywood stack during the pressing operation. In this case, the machine has a capacity of 640 tons, meaning it can apply immense pressure to the plywood stack.
  2. Daylights: The term “daylight” refers to the space between the platens (the large, flat metal surfaces) of the press where the plywood stack is placed for pressing. Having 10 daylights means that the press machine can accommodate multiple stacks of plywood simultaneously, increasing the productivity of the manufacturing process.
  3. Hydraulic System: Plywood Press Machines are typically equipped with powerful hydraulic systems that generate the immense pressure needed for pressing the plywood stack. These hydraulic systems ensure uniform pressure distribution across the entire surface of the plywood stack, resulting in high-quality plywood panels.
  4. Heating System: Many Plywood Press Machines also feature heating elements or steam injection systems to raise the temperature of the platens during the pressing process. This heat helps activate the adhesive used to bond the veneer layers together, ensuring strong and durable plywood panels.


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